Fun, Non-Violent Self-Defence Worskhop


  • 15 Jan 2021 5:00 PM
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Fun, Non-Violent Self-Defence Worskhop
Have you ever felt threatened walking home on a dark street at night? This workshop is for you.

You can explore your inner animal to conjure up in any edgy situation.

For example your workshop leader's is the chicken and the plan is to do a little chicken dance if need be, to the great surprise of any attacker.

This workshop will start with a little introductory circle and people can share stories of scary situations where an inner animal would have kicked ass.

After that different animal sounds and moves will be explored till each one of the participants finds a fun, fitting one.

The workshop is free and open for all who is looking for a fun non-violent self-defence practice.
Place: Szeszgyár
Address: 1086 Budapest Szeszgyár utca
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