Compagnie Simon Senn, Trafó Budapest, 5 March


Compagnie Simon Senn, Trafó Budapest, 5 March
Simon Senn, a plastic and video artist from Geneva, purchased the digital copy of a female body online, then embarked on a quest to meet the woman whose body he would go on to inhabit thanks to virtual reality. He takes to the stage to share his uncanny experience.

In this digital conference the videographer and visual artist demonstrates how the virtual world and the real world are not always in opposition, revealing the unexpected entanglements between technology, representation, gender, and law.

In English and French with Hungarian subtitles.

Photo courtesy: @Mathilda Olmi
Place: Trafó Budapest
Address: 1094 Budapest. Liliom utca 41.
Phone: +36 1 456 2040
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