Startup Safari Budapest 2021, 21-23 April


Startup Safari Budapest 2021, 21-23 April
Budapest Startup Safari is not an ordinary conference, it aims to give a unique access to the startup ecosystem in and beyond Budapest, and to enhance knowledge sharing even during turbulent times.

On 21-22-23 April, Safari is back for the 6th time, and this time you won't even need to leave your home to be the part of it. This Home Conference will be full of online networking, workshops, talks, panels and other interactive programs, all available from your own couch. Knowledge sharing can not be restricted by the physical world, let's plan the future together, from home!

So what’s in it for you? You will be able to:

·join us from your own couch to access any program, from anywhere in the world
·chat with other participants and speakers online, make new friends and connections, perhaps even find a new job, hire or meet a client
·watch all the programs you could not participate at, after the event till 7 May.

One may purchase 1 ticket at a time.
Place: Budapest
Address: Online from Budapest
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