Badora Dance Company: Kingdom, National Dance Theatre, 8 June


Badora Dance Company: Kingdom, National Dance Theatre, 8 June
Is this really, and only this, the whole reality, what we can see, hear and perceive from the world? Can we be sure of that? Not really. Researchers from all walks of life now have the deep conviction that everything we are able to comprehend from the world is just a tiny slice of reality.

They claim that we are just receivers in a sea of frequencies and that everything is interconnected in the depths, that physical reality is essentially just an illusion, a huge holographic space that can also be shaped by our thoughts, we are not, and cannot only be passive observers.

According to the researchers, our memories are not stored by neurons but they are encoded in neural impulses, and our brains are actually a holographic library that is thus able to store billions of bits of memory.

In such a holographic reality, in fact, everything is a part of the great whole, everything is inextricably linked, people and the objects around them are one, so telepathy or telekinesis is no wonder either, but an obvious part of this all-embracing reality.
Kingdom - it is perhaps the most hierarchical organisation in existence, but does hierarchy exist at all beyond this reality?

If everything is interconnected and is inseparably one, then how can be any subordination and supremacy?

Then does harmony rule over hierarchy? But what is this harmony like? Could it be the harmony of just a position?
Place: Online from National Dance Theatre
Address: 1024 Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20.
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