Budapest Entrepreneurship & Investing Meetup, Momenti Bistro, 24 September


Budapest Entrepreneurship & Investing Meetup, Momenti Bistro, 24 September
Welcome to the Budapest entrepreneurs and investors club meetup, a social connection event where we empower each other with financial and business knowledge and exchange ideas.

We discuss ways to do business, create a passive income, investment opportunities, Scaling a business, Budgeting, investing, and leveraging money to get more out of life.

With networking and partnerships opportunities.

All people are welcomed, you just need curiosity to learn new things

Common topics of discussion include:
* Entrepreneurship and side hustles
* Financial freedom journey
* The Stock market and real estate
* Personal development

Meeting structure

Part 1: Introduction
A short introduction from the host followed by members introducing themselves, their background and their business, investments, ideas, questions, and interests

Part 2: Group discussion
We divide into 2 groups one about entrepreneurship and the other about investing
We will start with a guided conversation then we pick some common topics and questions from members, discuss, and answer them.

Part 3: Watch the "video of the day"
We will together watch a short video followed by a group discussion and sharing thoughts of our members

Part 4: socializing and networking
This part is for socializing with other members, making like-minded friendships exchange contacts, also for people seeking specific help, guidance, looking for partners or a coach ...

This meeting happens every 2 weeks.

This meetup is organized by level-up events, and hosted by 'Yahia Anane', a Ph.D. researcher, risk management researcher at MSCI, and solopreneur who's passionate about financial freedom and investing.

We are organizing this meetup for almost 2 years with 100+ members, from 30+ countries, we have been on a mission since 2019.

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Feel free to bring a pen and paper or anything to take notes.
Place: Momenti Bistro
Address: 1092 Budapest, Köztelek u. 2.
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