Musical Dissection: Monteverdi & Lóci, Festival Theatre Budapest, 30 January


Musical Dissection: Monteverdi & Lóci, Festival Theatre Budapest, 30 January
The Musical Dissection programme series explores the conduits between what we call classical music and the "light" pop music favoured mostly by young people today.

The parallels are not forced: for example, this event moderated by musicologist Gergely Fazekas will reveal how accompaniment consisting of a repeated four-chord harmonic progression can be found both in Monteverdi's madrigal for voices and continuo and in Lóci játszik's hit Minden úgy jó, ahogy van (Everything Is Fine the Way It Is).

The genesis of the two pieces of music is exciting in other ways too. Monteverdi used as his starting point a delicate poem by Petrarch, the king of the sonnet, whereas the pop band's frontman, Lóci Csorba, crafted his song on a morning radio show a few years ago by setting a text message that had been sent in to music..

Lest anyone is scandalised by these seemingly highly divergent paths, a song born from the poetry of yesterday sticks in one's memory just as much as one written today.

Even when the subject of the former is disappointment in love, while the composer of the latter, with noble simplicity, classifies it as a mantra, which, if hummed at length, makes one feel that everything is perfectly fine in the world.

Of course, we will also discuss important differences between the pieces to be performed and analysed, as well as the musical problems that appear equally in the scores of the madrigal and the pop hit.

The event will be followed by a free activity session on Banner Square entitled Reverberation for groups holding tickets to the performance.
Place: Festival Theatre Budapest
Address: 1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.
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