Dog Adoption Day with FAPF, Hoff House Budapest, 25 February


Dog Adoption Day with FAPF, Hoff House Budapest, 25 February
From the organisers:
Who doesn't love cuddles and kisses from happy little doggies on a Saturday afternoon? Whether you're thinking of adopting or just want to put a smile on your face and some puppy pep into your day, come and help us support everything that the amazing people at the FAPF animal rescue organisation do for these little guys.
You'll get a chance to meet Bambam, Papoka, Saffi, Csepke and Malyva, all beautiful, friendly and sociable doggies looking for a final home!
There will be a donation-based puppy kissing booth where you can get your photo taken with one of them, because it's the month of love and romance after all!
In honour of dog biscuit appreciation day (who knew that was a thing?) Hoff House will also be giving out free bags of doggie treats in exchange for donations to FAPF - you can either feed them to the doggies or take them home for your own furry friend to enjoy!
FAPF have asked that all attendees observe the following rules and guidelines:
1. Please do not bring your own furry friends along, we want to create a safe and controlled space for the dogs.
2. You can feed the dogs, but only with approved treats
3. Flash photography is not allowed
4. Please do not pick up any of the dogs or take them away from their station
5. Please listen to the instructions of the hosts and foster parents and respect the dogs' personal space

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to reach out to us here!
If you want to know how you can become a foster parent or adopt a rescue animal, reach out to FAPF or just come along to the event and inquire there!
Place: Hoff House Budapest
Address: 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 40.
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