Improv Theatre Workshop, Jurányi House Budapest, 9 March


Improv Theatre Workshop, Jurányi House Budapest, 9 March
One-day improv theatre workshop in English held in Budapest instructed by Abel Farkas. No acting experience is required.

Registration is required to participate. You can register by email at
The capacity of the class is limited to 14 people. The spots are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Everybody has the ability to improvise. We do it in our everyday life. In theatre, others are watching us, and we feel we are required to perform well. This creates frustration within us and makes it difficult to act naturally. In improv, another obstacle is that we have no idea what our partner(s) will do and how we can create the connection between us.
This uncertainty creates further frustration. During the workshops, we practice principles and methods which help us overcome and master these problems. The application of these methods go beyond theatre and could be useful in many areas of life, such as relationships, teamwork and communication.

Instructor: Abel Farkas, a mathematician, magician and improv instructor. He has spent many years practicing improv theatre and studied it on three continents in English and Hungarian.

Venue: Jurányi Produkciós Közösségi Inkubátorház, building A, at the end of the corridor on the 2nd floor, the door on the left; the classroom of the Central European Irish Dance Academy (in Hungarian: Közép-Európai Ír Tánc Akadémia).

! Street shoes are not allowed in the classroom. Instead, you may bring indoor shoes, slippers, socks or be barefoot. Comfortable clothes are recommended.

9:45-13:00 workshop
13:00-13:50 lunch break
13:50-17:00 workshop
After the workshop, we usually sit in the bar of Juranyi for a few drinks. All are very welcome!

Normal 11000 HUF/person
Place: Jurányi House Budapes
Address: 1027 Budapest, Jurányi u. 1.
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