Beer Week 2023, Dürer Kert Budapest


Beer Week 2023, Dürer Kert Budapest
The brewers are pouring their beers between 2p and 8pm each day, after the tasting sessions they are offering once again free punk-rock-n-roll-metal concerts, and expanding street food options in a family- and dog-friendly environment.

Organisers plan to host around 45 breweries once again from all over the world with 4 beers on tap every day for unlimited tasting which means that during the two tasting session days you will have the opportunity to taste approximately 360 different beers.

The guests here also get a complete music festival for their ticket since everyone is invited to the after-party with the representatives of the local underground scene.
Place: Dürer Kert
Address: 1117 Budapest, Öböl utca 1
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