Bartók Feszt' 2023, Szent Gellért tér Budapest, 2 September


Bartók Feszt' 2023, Szent Gellért tér Budapest, 2 September
This year, once again, the festival of Újbuda and the Bartók Quarter is coming, our autumnal celebration where there are 'ands' instead of 'ors', and where we locals, city dwellers, civilians, service providers, bands, and music lovers meet and connect.

At the Bartók Fest, Újbuda showcases what the Bartók Quarter means and represents in our daily lives. Connections, culture, flavors. Locals, civilians, organizations, service providers, who together contemplate what makes a neighborhood lovable, livable, cozy, inspiring.

That's why during the Fest, we fill the Szent Gellért Square and the Műegyetem Quay with everything that represents the quarter.

In the morning and early afternoon, the civil district is set up, with tents of local groups, who, along with national and Budapest organizations, represent the values we also hold dear.

From the afternoon onwards, the most popular and highest-quality bands take over the Bartók and Béla stages, all those who embody the talent and freedom that the creators of the quarter do.

Meanwhile, musicians, locals, organizations, organizers, visitors, and the curious come together, and the spirit that the Bartók Quarter represents continues to grow.

Thus, the Bartók Fest condenses into one day what life is like here, with us, where everything is interconnected and converges, where things are built together, and something new always emerges in the end.
Place: Szent Gellért tér Budapest
Address: 1111 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 3
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