Budapest Klezmer Band, Dohány Street Synagogue Budapest, 3 September


Budapest Klezmer Band, Dohány Street Synagogue Budapest, 3 September
According to the legendary Ferenc ’Fegya’ Jávori, founder of the now no less legendary Budapest Klezmer Band, „klezmer is a mirror of the relationship between peoples”. Let us add: these peoples are the peoples of Central and Eastern Europe, i.e. Hungarians, Romanians, Slavs and, of course, Jews. But they are Eastern European, multilingual, Yiddish-speaking Jews who were destroyed in the Holocaust and who have left us the musical miracle we call klezmer.

The Budapest Klezmer Band has been a unique character in Hungarian music for decades.

In this concert, the orchestra will perform a selection from the best of their unrivalled repertoire in what promises to be an unforgettable evening, with two star guests. One of them is Katica Illényi, who was a member of the Budapest Klezmer Band for nine years and has since gone her own artistic way. But now she returns to Fegya’s Band to dazzle the Dohány Street Synagogue community with her unique musical talent. The other star guest of the evening is Szilveszter Szabó P., with whom the orchestra has been working since their time at the Operetta Theatre.

As the artist is not only an excellent actor but also a fantastic singer, the joint production promises to be an extraordinary musical experience.
Place: Dohány Street Synagogue Budapest
Address: 1074 Budapest, Dohány u. 2
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