Equal Opportunity Policies And Institutions Of The British Government

  • 6 Apr 2010 4:00 AM
Equal Opportunity Policies And Institutions Of The British Government
"On 31 March, HM Ambassador Greg Dorey took part in The Association for Women's Career Development in Hungary's (Magyar Női Karrierfejlesztési Szövetség MNKSZ) "March for Disabled Women" conference in the Parliament building.

Ambassador Dorey, who was one of the speakers of the conference, delivered a speech by the title of "Equal opportunity policies and institutions of the British Government", in which he summarised the actions of the past decades taken by the British Government to tackle gender inequality.

During the event, the "Best Workplace for Women 2009" prices were also handed out, in which, the British MARKS & SPENCER Hungarian franchise partner, S Modell Kereskedelmi Zrt. received the first price amongst Hungarian company's employing 30-250 workers.

HMA Greg Dorey's speech

Tisztelt Ferenczi Andrea elnök asszony, kedves vendégek!

I am delighted to be here at today's event, arranged by the Association for Women's Career Development in Hungary (Magyar Női Karrierfejlesztési Szövetség MNKSZ) - an organisation whose work I admire and which I am very happy to support. I am also pleased that for very many years there has been a long-standing and collaborative friendship between you, Madam President, and the British Embassy in Budapest. We look forward to continuing this.

The MNKSZ fulfils a critical role in Hungary. It has a clear and indeed noble mission to improve the position of women in society. This is a task to which we all, in Hungary and elsewhere, need to subscribe and which we should work hard to realise.

I was invited to this prestigious event to talk about equal opportunity policies and institutions in the UK. These are matters about which my country's Government feels strongly and cares deeply. Discrimination in these areas has of course not been eradicated from the UK. Indeed not that long ago discriminatory attitudes were widespread. But in the past few decades successive Governments have robustly dealt with these, with some success."

Read the rest of  HMA Greg Dorey's speech at the source: British Embassy Budapest

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