The History Of The Amusement Park In Budapest

  • 7 Jun 2012 9:03 AM
The History Of The Amusement Park In Budapest
Amusement Park of Budapest has a 60-year long history. Here you may find out the interesting history of the Park covering ages of generations. History of the Amusement Park of today goes right back to spring of 1950 when huge modifications were being started and Amusement Park of Budapest got its name. The Hungarian Ministry of the Interior confirmed decision on 27 April and so on 22 May the Amusement Park opened its gates in its new way of form to what the fun fair has been annexed by removal of the fence of the English Park.

The Lilliputian village, the Blue Barrel Restaurant disappeared with the socialisation and the building of the "Feszty Körkép" has been dismantled. The Amusement Grounds have been smartened, cabins were embellished, and asphalt pathway has been laid. On the place of the Dream Railway the Scooter has been set up and visitors were not fee-faw-fum by skeletons in its cave but the new and old village was introduced for riders instead. Before the end station pictures of Moscow and Budapest were shown.

In the year 1953-ban the integration of the Amusement Park and English Park came to the end and the whole area was surrounded by fence. The Park was so formed to become similar to Gorkij Park the children park in Moscow. In the year 1956 already 65 amusing attractions awaited for visitors. Number of visitors started to increase and so in the year of 1956 more than 2 million people visited this "Fun Park".

Year 1959 and 1960 was the top considering number of visitors. Celebration of the 10th anniversary was very successful. During the 10 years number of visitors has been quadrupled. In this period of time first automatic machines appeared gaining huge sensation.

Second period of the modern history of the Amusement Park includes seven years till the beginning of independent management. Bearing of the big games and lack of money considering renovation and intervention is characteristic for this time interval. For such purposes the number of visitors started to decrease which resulted the drop of income.

Crisis reached its top in the year of 1967 when according to examinations the overall renovation and modernization would have cost 100 million Hungarian Forint. So supervisors took the decision: the Amusement Park became independent i.e. it became self-supplier based on income.

In the successful years of 1970es already 5 attractions from foreign countries awaited visitors. And the future plans contained contracting for more foreign attractions in order to supply deficiency.

In the years of 1970’the modern electric attractions gaining profit kept those deficient old ones. The most popular part of the Park in those times were the Electric Car and Fun House all year. In the Fun House there were 144 machines operating.

From the year 1984 on visitors could use and enter every part all day long, old machines were maintained and fixed and new ones were put in operation. The structure of roller coaster has been undergoing renovation, the new sci-fi version of Storm Ride was also set up and the Wimpler get new runway and plans were made on rebuilding Magic Castle. The Amusement Park changed its form into unipersonal corporation on 1 January 1994. This change resulted new opportunities for this the form corporation is more flexible and modern than the enterprise.

New attractive attractions were set up such as Giant Chute and Break Dance. According to this middle distance conception renovations and innovations began. The Amusement Park paid more attention not only on attractions but also on making the Park more friendly: pathways get new lining, trees and flowers has been planted, and sanitary units has been modernized.

In the year 1999 the attraction called Ikarus started its operation providing incomparable adventures for visitors with is huge lifting and rotary movements. In the spring of 2000 the next big step was in the life of the Park the attraction called: Looping Star.

Twenty trucks delivered parts of this ride into the area of the Amusement Park. This steel-structured coaster may travels with 75 km/h along its 24.5-metre long runway including a loop where visitors may travel upside-down for a moment. Goal Sticker Light-Catcher was given to visitors in the year of 2004. Goal Sticker is an interactive goal scoring game. Those reaching the highest scores can measure themselves with each other round the world via the Internet.

Considering Light-Catcher dodgem it has the biggest runway in Europe where you can drive in the dark hall while catching green light sport and so gaining scores. Meanwhile scores are listed on a screen.

The Amusement Park of Budapest won the Golden Pony award in the year of 2005 it is an acknowledged international appreciation stating and confirming main determination of the Park, namely: combination of keeping traditions and innovation, modernization.

Source: Vidámpark

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