Wireless Internet Access At Budapest Airport

  • 4 Jun 2012 9:00 AM
Wireless Internet Access At Budapest Airport
The service allows computers with a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) subscriber interface (laptops, notebooks, desktops) or suitably-enabled mobile phones to access the Internet, electronic mail, and corporate intranet pages in WLAN ”hotspot” areas. Service providers: T-Mobile and Telenor, Budapest Airport


T-Mobile customer service: 1430, phone: (+36-80) 630-220, free call.

Telenor customer service: 1220.

Where can the service be accessed?

T-Mobile: at terminals , 2A, and 2B of the Ferihegy Airport, at the departures hall and in the transit areas.

Telenor: Terminal 2A: at the departures level and in the transit area;
Terminal 2B: at the departures hall, in the restaurant, departures transit area and VIP-lounge on the 1st floor.

SkyCourt free wifi: bud:skycourt wifi access.

How can the service be utilized?

T-Mobile: purchase a virtual voucher through the WLAN portal page. Send SMS instructions to number 1776 (WLAN15, WLAN30, WLAN60, WLAN120, WLAN1h and WLAN24h).

Telenor: link to the "Telenor" network through a computer and select automatic settings, the connection should be made automatically. The service is on trial operation, problems may occur while using.


T-Mobile: T-Mobile Domino card clients’ Internet use will be debited against their Domino balance; T-Mobile subscribers can use up to their monthly limit of mobile purchases; and anyone else can pay via credit card on the WLAN portal page.

Telenor: the service is free of charge.

Source: Budapest Airport

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