Introducing Central Market Hall In Budapest

  • 29 Mar 2013 8:00 AM
Introducing Central Market Hall  In Budapest
The Grand Market Hall - Central Market Hall by its official name - is the largest indoor market of Budapest, found in the 9th district, on the border of the inner city and Ferencváros, under Fõvám square 1-3.

The Market Hall has been portrayed in several TV news around the world as many prestigious political guests of Budapest have purchased garlic and ground red paprika here in front of the cameras. Everything from meat through spices to vegetables is available here in the most beautiful, largest and richest market of Budapest.

History: The construction of the building began in 1894, but due to a fire disaster a few days prior to opening, it was opened to the public only on February 15, 1897. 

Everyday life in the market: Visiting the market hall in Budapest is a must for all tourists. Entering the market through the main entrance, you won't know which way to turn as the colorful booths and the mouth-watering vegetables and meats will immediately catch your eye.
If you are able to resist the temptation of the first booths, it's best to begin in the basement where you can taste the famous Hungarian sour vegetables and visit the oriental stores. In addition, you'll also find a place here where you can have breakfast, a grocery and the chemical products discount store.

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