Pub Review: Cheap & Cheerful Fun At Sufni Garten Budapest

  • 7 Mar 2013 10:35 AM
Pub Review: Cheap & Cheerful Fun At Sufni Garten Budapest
The seventh district of Budapest is the ultimate ruin pub district, and Akácfa street might be the number one 'ruin street'. Here you will not only find <a href="" target="blank"> Fogasház</a>, but you can also find Sufni Garten. The official name of the place is Sufni G’ART’N, anyway there you will find a large outdoor area for chatting, and drinking - cheapest beer available is HUF 350 - plus on both sides of the garden there are smaller/larger rooms so you can sit indoors too.

Sufni Garten looks quite similar to Fogasház and if you have been drinking to much you will not even notice the difference. In Sufni Garten you can buy drinks at nice prices and you can also buy different kinds of food in the small cafe (pizzas and other stuff).

In addition to playing cards, chatting and drinking it is also possible to play table football, table tennis, watch special sports events and play darts in Sufni Garten.

If you want to meet up with locals and enjoy an evening/night in a ruin pub in Budapest, the why not choose Sufni Garten. If you don’t like it you just have to walk 50 more meters and you will be by the entrance of Fogasház, so it is easy to go somewhere else in that case.

Sufni Garten prices

0,5l beer – 350 HUF (cheapest beer available)
0,5l Gösser – 550 HUF
0,5l Heineken – 750 HUF
0,1 wine – from 270 HUF
Sufni Garten information

Opening times: Monday – Saturday: 17.00-02.00
Address: Akácfa utca 47, VII. district

Source: Budapestguide

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