Xpat Report: Huge Chinese ‘Wholesale Shopping’ Market In Budapest

  • 13 Jun 2013 9:01 AM
Xpat Report: Huge Chinese ‘Wholesale Shopping’ Market In Budapest
The Monori Center is different from the other Chinese markets in Budapest, the founder of the market claims it’s ‘Europe’s biggest wholesale shopping center’, where retail shopping is also possible. It’s named after its location on Monori Street in Budapest’s 10th District, and it offers a wide range of imports from manufacturers in Italy and right around Asia.

This vast ‘Shopping Center’ is actually a collection of many ‘shopping zones’ which in fact spans several streets. It’s divided into A, B, C, D, F zones, where the A zone is on the Monori Street, D zone is on Szallas Street, and the rest are on Jegenye Street.

Among the five zones only D is a specialized shopping area, where most of the  leather goods are located. The other zones include a wide variety of products, from fashion and casual clothing, to office supplies, sports equipment, formal shoes, home textiles, luggage, toys, and various home; kitchen and bathroom products. The price of goods are generally cheap, especially if you buy in bulk (which is sometimes mandatory). Naturally prices for the same type of goods can vary accordingly to quality, and bargaining is possible, so it’s good to look around first.

If you want to buy something really cheap then you could to get together with friends and go for a day of group shopping. Besides the huge variety of products on offer, the center also includes many (fairly authentic) Chinese restaurants and refreshment, plus there’s a hotel – The Milky Way – so shopaholics can include an overnight stay at Monori.

Address: 1107 Budapest, Monori u. 2-4 (A zone)
Orientation: Standing at Moniri Street facing Jegenye Street, B zone is found on your left hand side, followed by the F zone, and the C zone will be on your right hand side. Each zone has its own parking lot with up to 500 parking places.

By ShuanDan Lin for XpatLoop.com

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