WAMP Design Fair, Erzsébet Square, Budapest, 19 July

  • 15 Jul 2015 10:00 AM
WAMP Design Fair, Erzsébet Square, Budapest, 19 July
The hottest month of the year has brought not only heat but also the festival season. If you need some inspiration or you would just spice up your wardrobe with some unique pieces that match all kinds of summer programs, WAMP should be your destination this Sunday in Budapest. If you are not that much into festivals, but would fancy some more special items for your vacation, we also have some hints for you.

Visit WAMP on the 19th of July at Erzsébet square, and find your favorite pieces out of the latest works of nearly 100 Hungarian and international designers, taste the delicious products of gastro exhibitors or just look around and spend a lovely Sunday with us.

Let’s start with the newcomers, designers who you will meet for the first time at WAMP. KeLau is preparing with bold, extravagant jewelry, which are made of professional jewel plasticine and cotton- and silk strings. Their necklaces add a dash of spice to your everyday outfits, and they are all brilliant choices for special occasions.

Moreover, if you wish for real custom-made jewelry, Laura Kecső, the founder of the brand is happy to make it for you. NAPOS Underwear designs supercool underwear, the so-called boyshorts: their products are functional, unisex, and make their wearer feeling indeed special. Their first collection was inspired by plastic toy soldiers, and beyond the distinctive patterns black and yellow shades are dominant.

Talking about functional pieces, you should really check out the practical, variably T-shirts and dresses of Alapdarab, which will make a good use for any occasions. Socks are also basic items, however the flamboyant pieces of Nebouxii are everything but common. A multitude of colors and patterns will characterize their stand at WAMP, which you simply cannot leave with empty basket.

If you wish for a real special outfit, you should check out the printed T-shirts of Nóra Pásti Kovács, which depict either ironic or funny, or simply just cute dogs or other pets. The designer of Hardjewicz-Hardy uses a completely different technique, but she also receives inspiration from the world of animals: she paints her favorites by hand on luxurious silks which she turns into gorgeous, feminine soft blouses, dresses and tunics.

A great bag is a must have, you should not even leave home without it. MAKE Design just prepares bags like that. Among their sieved printed canvas bags there are black and whites and colorful too, and their brand new bag draws on the coolest and most nostalgic fashion accessory, the traditional gymbag, which can be worn both on back and on shoulder.

At summer constant hydration is highly important, and at festivals you should also fuel your body with enough carbohydrates. For this you cannot find a better solution than the cold pressed vegetable- and fruit juices of Superjuice. They are incredibly tasty, have beautiful colors, and their huge benefit is that they do not contain any preservatives or additives. For a healthy snack option try the yummy oven baked goodies of Dióhéj.

The cute pockets are fully packed with roasted nuts, dried fruits, hint of chocolate and different spice mixes. We absolutely love that on each package you can read short poem lines of Hungarian poets, and their products have such amazing titles like “Blazing Summer.”

The designer of the month is POPO design

The joint brand of Barbara Badacsonyi-Móga, Réka Sümegi, Apol Temesi ans Borbála Vértesi offers an indeed fresh, light, well-thought and bright concept. POPO offers not only dresses and bags, but a complete lifestyle, as the printed materials are also designed and printed by the girls in their workshop, and the woven fabrics also based on their own ideas, so each part of the design is underlined by the POPO concept. It is easy to fall in love with their pieces as they are bold, colorful, cheerful, simple and spontaneous in the same time.

The spring/summer collection is based on the story of the Town Musicians of Bremen, and the printed materials and sieved T-shirts depict the characters of the tale – the dog, the cat, the donkey and the rooster – who will be all present at this Sunday at WAMP.

19 July 2015. Erzsébet square, Budapest
Opening hours: 11 am – 7 pm
Free admission

In August you can find WAMP at two locations. On the 9th we will be at Erzsébet square, and between 10th and 17th you can meet many of our designers at Sziget Festival.

More information at: www.wamp.hu

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