5* Party Destination: XANA Beach Club, Interview With Paul Oakenfold In Phuket

  • 21 Dec 2015 8:00 AM
5* Party Destination: XANA Beach Club, Interview With Paul Oakenfold In Phuket
Thailand's one of the most popular sunshine destinations to escape winter in Hungary for a while, and there's no better way to heat up your holiday than with a beach party... Phuket’s high-season kicked off with a sonic bang last week at XANA Beach Club, with a high-energy DJ Festival featuring local talent and international stars.

Luciano brought this 9 day sensation to a sizzling climax yesterday, 20 December, via his unique blend of minimalist house and techno soundscapes. Earlier in the week Lady Lee enchanted partygoers, and with living legend Paul Oakenfold headlining the opening event the festival proved this paradise island is a world-class place to party - as the video below shows.

Visiting celebrities stayed at the on-site 5* Angsana Laguna, where we caught up with Oakey for a pre-set interview, about why he keeps returning to Thailand, in particular to XANA.

With its Bang Tao beachfront location, XANA Beach Club's multi-level venue provides an unsurpassable party haven for up to 2,000 clubbers. Fire-shows, exotic-dancers, sumptuous tapas, plenty of popular branded drinks, plus refreshing house specialties, kept the energy levels high on the dance floor. It all added up to ensure this monumental musical extravaganza boosted XANA’s existing reputation as one of Phuket’s favourite nightlife hot-spots.

A three-time Grammy-nominated DJ, Oakenfold is a true superstar dance music DJ & Producer. Voted the #1 DJ in the world twice by DJ Mag, for over 3 decades he's elevated and shaped the electronic music scene, and remains one of its leading lights. Here are his answers to quick questions about travel, relationships, cooking, charity, retiring, and music.

You’ve travelled here before, what do you like about it best?
Yep its my 3rd time spinnin' at Xana in Phuket... What’s not to come back for?! An open air party by the beach, a great international crowd, fabulous hotel and surroundings, actually I look forward to this party!

You were in Budapest recently, you're going to Shanghai next, do you like travelling?
Yeah I'm a globetrotter! I still really enjoy DJing, and it allows me to travel well, and travel is all about learning, experiencing new cultures, and having fun, doing the things people forget to do 'at home', and I love seeing and talking to new people.

What was the most adventurous trip you ever made?
There are a few actually, I played the Great Wall of China, and I played at the 'Party at End of the World' in Argentina, in the last town before you get to the South Pole, and Alaska was another adventurous trip...

How does travel affect your relationships?
Yeah it’s difficult to hold down a serious relationship when you travel as much as I do, when you have a relationship regular calls and Skype is best you can do.

You started work in the UK as a chef, what food do you cook these days, and what do you love to eat out?
I make a mean roast dinner, and I like to try all cuisines. I love Thai food, in fact I had Thai last week in LA where I now live, for sure I’ll have lots more Thai while in Phuket.

What do you like and dislike most about living in the UK and the US?
I dislike everything we all don’t like, like stress, traffic, I love the energy, it’s exiting, I was born in a city so I love being in big cities, and I can’t sit on a beach for too long...

So you're an expat, where do you see yourself retiring?
Yep I’ve been living in LA over 13 years now, I moved there from London as I write music for movies and games, I enjoy life there, I’ve also lived in Amsterdam, maybe I’ll retire somewhere on an island here in Asia.

Your music has been included in many films, like The Matrix, Bourne Identity, Shrek, what are your favourite film?
This year it's Sicario, it means hitman in Spanish, directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Emily Blunt, I loved it!

Your musical skills are diverse; you've worked with Marvin Gay, Massive Attack, and U2, what’s special about you?
Errr, I’m left handed…

What different approach do you take to playing big stadiums vrs clubs?
Stadiums need a different approach, it’s all Big Room sound when you play stadiums, and yeah it’s a lot more people so I do feel that...

How have you stayed ahead of the curve?
By embracing change, you don’t have to like all change, you just need an open mind.

Which DJs and producers do you most respect?
There is a lot of talent out there, my favourite DJ is Hernan Cattaneoj, as for a producer... yeah I do like Trevor Horn.

What makes you more successful than an average DJ / producer?
Well let’s put it like this, my advice to all DJs is to focus on yourself, your sound, and your time will come.

You always hunting new talent, why is it important to you?
I own a record label, it’s our 25 year anniversary, and we’re always looking for the future.

As an A&R man, how do you know when you’ve found a star?
Good question, it’s a gut feeling, you just love what they do, it’s a special moment when you find a new star.

What was it like in your early years promoting Run DMC and the Beastie Boys?
It was amazing being part of that whole scene, running Profile Records and then Def Jam, and so also promoting Public Enemy, and LL Cool J, I learned a lot, by watching how they worked, seeing them in action...

What's your favourite book, author?
Hunter S. Thompson is the one for me.

Many years ago you wrote for the Happy Mondays, would you like to write more?
Yeah I wrote and produced an album for the Mondays, I also wrote for Cher, Madonna…I take it as it comes.

You must have tried singing, how was it?
I’m terrible, so bad I don’t even sing in the shower.

You help some charities, how come?
I think its important to give back, sometimes just listening really helps others, even just a smile... My parents brought me up the right way, thanks mum and dad!

You grew up listening to the Beatles, what’s your favourite song by them?
She Loves You, yeah yeah yeah!

Follow this link for upcoming events at:
XANA Beach Club with Attica
10 Moo 4, Srisoonthorn Road,
Cherngtalay, Phuket, Thailand
Phone: 076 324 101

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