Now On Until 31 January: The Ladder, Kunsthalle Budapest

  • 3 Dec 2015 8:08 AM
Now On Until 31 January: The Ladder, Kunsthalle Budapest
The exhibition shows signs, signs along the ways and itineraries of our lives. You can only build yourself on what you perceive from these signs. The signs of life-itineraries are rarely seen in such concentration as within the space of an exhibition. This is the raison d’être of attending exhibitions.

For Ákos Vörösváry, installation is an independent art form which he tried to put into practice in the last thirty years. His latest work is now on show in the central rooms of the Műcsarnok.

According to the artist, in his youth he did not have an independent vocabulary to express himself adequately about objects in the world. This is why he turned his attention towards pictures, paintings, sculptures and the world of objects and became an art collector. Later having lived his life among a selected pool of objects, digesting, „assimilating” and connecting them he now uses these same objects as citations to thus speak about the world in his own language.

The exhibition Ladder is about Man. It speaks about the life of man in a unique way. Speaks about the life of man as eternal work, eternal nuptials, sacrifices and holidays, and an infinite row of prayers – then we arrive.

Works from well-know and hardly known contemporary artists, a significant domestic and Asian folklore material, found objects either in ruins or in flourish, though dissappearing from our daily lives, enclosed in glass coffins, these mementoes are all necessary pieces of this exhibition, both lavish in objects and still laconic in its manners. An exhibition which provides shelter for the sheperd and his flock.

Below the earth, above the sky...
Installations by Ákos Vörösváry
On display until 31 Jan 2016

Source:  Kunsthalle

Address: 1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 37.

Transport: Millenniumi Underground – Hősök tere megálló (Heroes’ Square) stop

Trolley bus: 75, 79 / Bus: 20, 30, 105

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