Introducing Hungary's Fekete Winery

  • 21 Mar 2016 8:02 AM
Introducing Hungary's Fekete Winery
Our family started the wine-making and wine-growing activities at the beginning of the 1960s. Since then our wine-growing area has been increasing: by now the area has been increased to 9 ha by purchasing new areas surrounding the wine-press house.

The increase in the area demanded a technological development as well as renovation and extension concerning the cellar and the processing-room. Now the total area of the fermenting tub, storage tank, and bottling-room exceeds 800 m2.

The cellar area has grown to 270 m², and the storing capacity has grown to 700 hl. These dimensions and technological developments are ideal for a modern, but still familiar winery.

Our vineyards are in the Iván-völgy, this south-west valley is one of the most preferred and credited area in the Szekszárd wine region that has been famous for its good soil for centuries.

These conditions allow us to grow high quality grapes – the soul of every good wine. In our winelist you can find all the traditional Szekszárd wines like cabernet sauvignon, kadarka or bikavér (bull’s blood), and, of course, the popular types like olaszrizling (Italian riesling), chardonnay and merlot.

The more than 100 year old, original cellar serves as a real place of entertainment. Wine-tasting in this pleasant atmosphere can mean a memorable experience to everybody. Our guests are to be entertained by various programs, if desired we serve delicious meals to accompany wine-tasting.

Cellar address: Cellar address: Szekszárd, Iván-völgy


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