The Art Of Bargaining At Hungarian Flea Markets

  • 29 Mar 2016 9:00 AM
The Art Of Bargaining At Hungarian Flea Markets
To get a good deal at the Ecseri Flea Market located in the 19th District of Budapest you need to bargain. Of course you can do it easily by some skilful pantomime. However, if you utter a few Hungarian words like TÚL SOK (pronounced like ’tool shock’, meaning ’too much’), the crafty vendors will take you more seriously under the shock of being addressed in Hungarian.

The art of bargaining also includes hiding emotions. The sellers are excellent psychologists and they pick immediately what your eyes got fixed on. But then there is room for a tug of war.

After asking about the price of an item by saying ‘Mennyi?’ (‘how much?’) you should decide first what’s the ultimate price you would be willing to pay.

The answer to the vendor’s ‘ötezer’(‘five thousand’) should be a reluctant ‘maximum háromezer’ (‘max. 3000′).

He/she will go down to ‘négyezer ötszáz’ (‘4500′). You can play this game infinitely depending on the situation but an effective ‘mennyi az utolsó ár?’ (‘What’s your last price?’) may do the trick.

To strike the deal you may say ‘na jó, háromezer ötszázért elviszem’ (‘Ok, I will take it for 3.500′).

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