Summertime At Lake Balaton

  • 11 Aug 2016 9:02 AM
Summertime At Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton is much more than a popular holiday destination! Whole summer season boasts of an abundance of programmes around the Hungarian Sea.

You can party at  B.My.Lake Festival and Strand Festivals between 24 - 27 August

For rainy days

No reason to worry even in case of rainy weather! Lake Cave of Tapolca, which can be explored by boat, will definitely be an exciting experience, no matter what weather conditions are outside.

Tihany Abbey is situated on the Tihany Peninsula: the Benedictine Abbey with it's baroque church gives a possibility to get an insight in the history of Hungary. Also Levendula Ház (Lavender House) and Kogart Art Gallery are worth exploring in Tihany.

Nearby Balatonfüred with it's century-old villas is the oldest resort town on the shores of the Hungarian Sea: visit villa of famous Hungarian writer Mór Jókai! Balatonfüred also has healing thermal waters, which we can taste from a drinking fountain. Choosing a ship excursion is also a great way to explore the beautiful lake with it's distinctive blue colour.

Balaton Uplands area, resembling Provence with it's lovely small villages is a great place for taking excursions, while regular programmes at Szigliget Castle offer an insight to historic times.


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