Hungarian Tourism Agency Adopts New Strategy

  • 7 Dec 2016 7:00 AM
Hungarian Tourism Agency Adopts New Strategy
Parliament yesterday approved a law on tourism development aimed at reducing regional disparities and encouraging foreign visitors to stay in Hungary for longer periods.

The strategy adopts a new approach based on destinations rather than individual attractions.

State tourism promotion agency Magyar Turizmus will set up fully state-owned companies to carry out priority investments in the sector.

The government will select 20-30 destinations for promotion next year, then will grant priority to three or four of those destinations in 2018, rising to seven or eight in 2019.

The most likely candidates are Budapest, Lake Balaton, the Sopron and Lake Fertõ region, Northern Hungary, the Tokaj-Zemplén region, Lake Tisza, and the Dráva and Mura rivers.

Source: Hungary Around the Clock

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