"Learn To Be A Champion" @ Millenáris Budapest

  • 4 Apr 2017 1:30 AM
"Learn To Be A Champion" @ Millenáris Budapest
Now on until 11 April, this exhibition features cutting edge technologies, inspiring images taken from unique perspectives, and playful challenges. The interactive experience-expo titled "The Champion” invites visitors in become a champion in Pavilion D at Millenáris in Buda.

From the organisers: "An extremely exciting "exhibition start-up” will be introduced early this year and will welcome visitors all through the spring at Millenáris, featuring the themes of sports, motion and becoming a champion.

„The January introduction will be the world premiere of the exhibition, followed by an international tour, however as the technology is completely a Hungarian development, naturally we wished to introduce it to the Hungarian public first” – said Illés Gabriella, main organizer of The Champion exhibition.

The „interactive experience-expo” will be first premiered in Hungary, and will be truly unique from all aspects. It will feature a spectacular image world – truly unique in the international context as well – introducing the general public to the world of sports with high definition pictures, slow motion recordings and visual solutions applied from exciting perspectives.

Secondly, visitors can also participate in the game or the struggle for the highest performance, as the unique feature of the exhibition is that the system is capable of monitoring the performance of the actively participating public by – playfully – monitoring the capabilities of each visitor, helping parents in choosing a sport discipline for their children, or even predicting their chances to become champions.

As Benedek Tibor, our multiple times Olympic champion in water polo, main patron of the exhibition says: „Becoming a champion is everyone’s dream. (...) And if somebody wins it is never by chance, he/she must have made lots of efforts for it. And that victory can never be taken away any more. That will escort that person all through the life – with its advantages and disadvantages”."

Tickets: https://www.jegy.hu/venue/millenaris-the-champion

Photo: Csudai Sándor

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