'Circus Maximus', Budapest Sports Arena, 28 October

  • 27 Oct 2017 6:24 AM
'Circus Maximus', Budapest Sports Arena, 28 October
On 28th October the Hungarian National Circus Richter will organize the biggest production ever in Papp László Budapest Sports Arena. The super circus show is waiting for you with nearly 100 exotic animals and more than 100 people!

Hungary’s largest and highest quality travelling circus, the 23-year-old Hungarian National Circus Richter, will be making a big super show on 28th October in Budapest Sports Arena. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed for kids and for grown-ups too! In the Arena you can get a glimpse of all the buzz of the traditional circus world.

The world's largest exotic animal production, acrobatics, jugglers, dog breeds, clown music group and the world of extreme Fmx motor bikers... You can’t help but be amazed and stare at them. The exceptional circus atmosphere will be enhanced by the eight member band of the National Circus and the incredibly talented African singer, Lady Masallah. You can enjoy the performance of the world famous Richter horse-acrobats.

The group has been founded by the Kossuth Award winner József Richter and now working under the guidance of József Richter Jr. circus director. There are real world stars among the performers, as the award-winning performers of The Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival.

You can see the breathtaking show of the world famous Rene Casselly Jr. and five African elephants. You can also enjoy József Richter Jr. and his wife Merrylu romantic ballet production which has recently been invited to the world's most prestigious circus event in Monte Carlo.

The Hungarian circus group, Circus Maximus, will make its debut on 28th October at the Budapest Sports Arena. Don’t miss out this unforgettable experience! The Hungarian National Circus Richter wants to start a tradition with creating a world class Hungarian circus super show every year at Papp László Budapest Sports Arena.

Circus Maximus - Hungarian National Circus Richter
Date and time: 28 October 2017, 7 pm.
Venue: László Papp Budapest Sports Arena

Tickets are available on www.broadway.com, in most ticket offices and on the website

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