British Wine Expert’s Top 10 Favourite Hungarian Wines

  • 18 Jun 2018 8:21 AM
  • Daily News Hungary
British Wine Expert’s Top 10 Favourite Hungarian Wines
Oz Clarke is one of the biggest wine experts in the world as well as the ambassador for Hungarian wines. According to, Clarke believes in a bright future for Hungarian wines and he even revealed his top 10 list of wines that are most likely to be a hit on the international market.

Oz Clarke visited the Hungarian Embassy in London back in May where a luncheon along with a wine tasting was held. Visitors were able to taste around 70 kinds of Hungarian wines, selected by the Embassy.

Oz Clarke was very enthusiastic when he asked about the wines and specifically highlighted the great tradition of wine production in Hungary.

As an expert, he probably knows what he is talking about. After all, a lot of research went into his 2015 book in which he claimed that the Tokaj region was a real trailblazer in some sense.

During this tasting, Clarke emphasised that “this 21st-century-era of wines brought about people realising that international brands are now a thing of the past. The younger generation does not want to drink what their parents did, they want to explore and gain experiences.”

Therefore, Clarke believes that the younger generation would prefer to return to the local aboriginal kinds of wines instead of consuming the big international types. Central Europe, specifically Hungary, are in an especially advantageous position.

In fact, Oz Clarke drew attention to the types that have been forgotten or even altogether unknown. These include Hungarian types like furmint, hárslevelű, járdovány as well as kékfrankos, although, considering the pronunciation of these names, their total acceptance by the international scene may take a little longer. 

Nevertheless, here is the list of top ten Hungarian wines that Oz Clarke recommends:

1. Majoros Dry Muskotály, (2015, Tokaj) This fresh, vibrant wine includes a pinch of grapefruit and orange peel along with some flowery flavours.

2. Kolonics Juhfark, (2016, Somló) This wine has rich flavours as well as a splash of tropical and stone fruits, making it extra creamy.

3. Kikelet Hárslevelű, 2015 (Tokaj) This wine has a rich, thick texture and even contains some apple tree blossoms and stone fruit. It has a nice, strong strawy smell.

4. Barta Furmint, (2015, Tokaj) This refreshing wine with lemons’ acidity and tropical fruits, namely pineapples, is the perfect choice to complement some goat cheese and can be a real people pleaser.

5. Szepsy Birtok Furmint, (2015) With a straw-like colour and essence, this wine has a rich, full taste originating from peaches and pears, with some additional acids.

6. Attila Gere Black Járdovány, (2016) This respected wine has the wonderful smell of black cherries and some slight sparkling taste. The real taste of it emerges once it is in the mouth, it has the smoky essence of black cherries and cranberries.

7. Nimród Kovács 777 Pinot Noir, (2015) This tasty fruit bomb contains raspberries and cherries. It got its name after the Dijon 777 Pinot Noir, making a clear reference to Burgundy.

8. Koch Kékfrankos, (2016) With a strong, spicy taste combined with black fruit characteristics and a silky softness, this wine can be a perfect choice.

9. St Andrea Hangács Eger Bull Blood Superior, (2013) This wine has a base of kékfrankos complemented by merlot, cabernet franc, pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon.

Its strawberry- and plum-like smell gives it a very sweet first impression. One mouthful reveals tastes of liquorice, ripe black fruits and black olives, giving it an elegant, strong and rich taste.

10. Dobogó Tokay 6 Puttonyos, (2008) Nectarines and apricots give it a beautiful smell. It has a sweet, clean taste that lingers in the mouth for some time, elongating the experience. For the perfect summer getaway, check out this article about beautiful Hungarian wine hotels to visit.

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