Celtic Halloween @ Aquincum Museum, 31 October

  • 15 Oct 2019 8:32 AM
Celtic Halloween @ Aquincum Museum, 31 October
Did you know that Halloween’s roots go back to the Celtic Samhain? The Samhain was the last day of the Celtic calendar. The word means the end of summer.

The Celts believed that on 31 October the boundary between this world and the otherworld became narrow, opening up and allowing the dead and supernatural creatures to cross over to this world. 

31 October marks the final day of the museum's temporary exhibition “The People of Dragons and Birds – The Celts of Csepel Island”. Hence, from 17:00 a Celtic Halloween  is organized at the Aquincum Museum.


17:00-22:00 Celtic lifestyle and clothing demonstration (Szarvas Törzs Celtic Re-enactment Association)

17:00-18:00 Celtic tales and legends (in Hungarian)

17:00-21:00 Arts and crafts workshop (pumpkin carving, headdress making, make your own chestnut-figurine and protective amulet) 

17:00-21:00 Face painting

17:00-21:00 Games (sack race, apple bobbing, hoop throwing)

17:00-21:00 Apple-based fortune telling

17:30-18:30 Guided tour of the exhibition “The People of Dragons and Birds – The Celts of Csepel Island” (in Hungarian)

18:00 Fire duel

18:30-21:00 What do the stones tell us? Celtic fortune telling from ogham stones

19:30 Fire duel

20:00-20:30 Fire ceremony and sacrifices

20:30-22:00 Dancing and fire jumping

Adult ticket: HUF 1,300 
Adult group ticket (20+ people): HUF 1,000
Student and Senior ticket: FUF 650 
Student and Senior group ticket (10+ people): HUF 600 

Visitors wearing animal costumes receive a 50% discount from the full-price ticket. 

1031 Budapest, Szentendrei út 135.


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