‘Valley Of Arts Festival’ Near Balaton, Until 28 July

  • 8 Jul 2019 11:39 AM
‘Valley Of Arts Festival’ Near Balaton, Until 28 July
Between 19th and 28th July, the three tiny villages of the Balaton Uplands, Kapolcs, Taliándörögd, and Vigántpetend will become the center of the country again.

For ten days, the streets, courtyards, and squares will be filled with music, poetry, dance, green programs, concerts, New Circus, discussions, and children's programs.

Over the past decades the festival became a brand of tradition, innovation and quality. However Valley of Arts has become highly popular among visitors, its primary intention is to preserve the commitment to cultural quality, our local ties, the special atmosphere and its familiar characteristics. 

Over a 10 day period over 100,000 people will come to explore the music, theatre and workshops between these villages just above Lake Balaton.

There are small music stages everywhere with traditional folk, church organs and jazz, as well as photo and fire art expositions, literary readings, lectures on ecology and architecture, dance and theatre performances and all of it outdoors.

New Locations

MANK Artporta will debut at Taliándörögd focusing on creative arts. Participate in a colourful selection of drawing, painting, and antiquing events as well as panel discussions, workshops, movie screenings, the programs of Ciffra-központ and enjoy the songs of Cseh Tamás.

The Pest-Buda Courtyard will open its gates in Kapolcs, where exciting round-table discussions will be followed by such performers as Pély Barna, Európa Kiadó, Little G. Weevil, Klasszik Lasso and Bin Jip.

During the ten days of the festival, the Panorama Stage will feature numerous international performers including the German Alice Francis, the British Amber Run, and Kosheen. The Boban Markovic Orkestar will be featuring Palya Bea as a special guest.

Anna and the Barbies, Quimby, Bohemian Betyars, and Csík Zenekar will be among the local favourites playing the stage. The line-up also includes names like Random Trip, Hiperkarma, Péterfy Bori & Love Band, Margaret Island, Kiscsillag, 30Y, Elefánt, Vad Fruttik, and Irie Maffia.

Dés László will also perform with special guest Básti Juli. Budapest Bár will be joined by guests like Behumi Dóri, Kiss Tibi, Németh Juci and Tóth Vera. Be part of the truly unique occasion of Szabó Balázs Bandája’s 10th birthday party gig together with the Modern Art Orchestra.

Detailed program available here.


Photo courtesy of the organisers

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