Footloosebook By Marianna Kisvardai Available In Hungary

  • 17 Dec 2019 5:23 PM
Footloosebook By Marianna Kisvardai Available In Hungary
From the Author: "The FootlooseBook is not a traditional self-help book. Not the one which will promise to change your life in 10 days and 5 steps.

It is not a travel book with the nitty-gritty to know what to pack for your next trip. My book is of a unique genre. If it was food, I would call it an infusion or biologically name it a hybrid.

Very often when setting on a journey, we study our desired location and prepare for all the practical how-to dos however we neglect to get mentally ready.

We might feel ashamed to talk about our uncertainties, express our weak moments or there is nobody around who had experienced radical changes and would give us advice on how to handle our deepest motives while on the go...

When I write about facing segregation due to the cultural differences, loneliness because of language issues, fears of the unknown, loss of stability and shaken identity; and on top of all, not having any trustful person to ask for advice…

I know that you will be nodding all the way through while reading my lines because you know these unpleasant feelings.

Can you imagine how healthier, happier and more enjoyable your life would be if you could turn the inner battles of your traveling and relocation, into abundant opportunities and your best life ever?

In my book, I am giving my readers an exposure to be able to consciously recognize, get a comfortable hold and stay in charge of their internal states, which leads to a more joyful lifestyle.

The FootlooseBook rose from my long years of expatriate experiences and it guides you with actionable tips and real-life stories.

My aim is to save valuable time and countless efforts, by guiding any traveler or expatriate to learn to maintain their mental capacity, keep their emotions in balance and nurture their spirituality to fulfill their highest potential and switch from survival mode to being happy and feeling well anywhere."

The book is available on Amazon

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