Online ’Footmarks’ @ National Dance Theater, 17 December

  • 15 Dec 2020 11:06 AM
Online ’Footmarks’ @ National Dance Theater, 17 December
The masks we hide behind in our everyday lifeare got off fast when we see our true selves in the reflection of others, this is the true self-awareness benefit of encounter groups.


ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Who is born with this disorder gets a lifelong package.

An individual's spiritual struggle against them: how this person is able to experience an external influence, what kind of feelings overwhelm them.

What tensions can they generate from themselves? An impenetrable barrier for them that defines their daily lives, from awakening to falling asleep, from birth to death.

Imagine, that you are a parent with a small child, and this child’s need to attention takes your whole life. Imagine this kid is living in your head, in the beats of your heart, in your veins: in the blunt stomach aches that are sure to be with you until you die.

In your ever-pulsating, impulsive brain that wants to act and stop at the same time: run and immerse. Cut.” Peter Cseplész

Confession is the most beautiful way to express the confrontation with ourselves, the recognizing, and accepting. Confession to ourselves and everyone. We realize the problem, we know about it, we dare to talk about it.


Carl Rogers, an American psychologist, has brought to the public attention the form of the encounter groups in the 50s. The term encounter group defines a group of people who meet to gain psychological benefit through close contact with one another.

The person-centered groups are unique, and in fact, they offer a different paradigm for group therapy. With the application of the conditions of the people-centered approach in group therapy makes it necessary to review the multitude of standard presuppositions related to the operation of the group.

There is no leader, no expert, only a facilitator in this self-knowledge group. There is no pre-defined topic, the group decides it and its timing in the process. 

This is characterized by the spontaneous process of social contacts and interpersonal relationships group form in which conflict cannot be avoided either.

Deep encounters, but also big collisions happen.  The defensive behaviour decreases, the freedom of expression take shape increasingly.

The performances can be watched online, only with a Hungarian IP-address. 

Date and time: 
Thursday, 17 December, 8:30 pm 


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