Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition @ Capa Centre

  • 9 Sep 2020 10:25 AM
Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition @ Capa Centre
The 38th Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition displaying some 350 exceptional photographs is now open at the capital’s Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre.

The images were selected by an international jury from among 6,079 photos submitted by 267 photographers, the organisers told MTI.

The exhibition is open to visitors free of charge today (Wednesday), and will run until Nov. 15.

From the organisers:

"The press photo exhibition has been an excellent occasion for a joint recollection of memories for almost four decades.

Through the works of the photojournalists, we can recall the most important political events, joyful and sad stories, and the global and local environmental changes of increasing importance from the previous year.

We can remember the most prominent sports competitions and achievements, the most memorable cultural events.

At the same time, we must also face some saddening and unresolved social issues again, or we can be just pleased to see some improvements emerging in the pictures.

The role of the 38th Press Photo Exhibition from the aspect of recalling and reminding is even greater than before.

Namely, over the past months, since the outbreak of the pandemic, our lives have turned upside down, leading to a change in the meaning and significance of things.

We have been introduced to new concepts, and they have become parts of our lives.

The word “quarantine” is no longer just a strange, difficult expression in the title of a Rejtő novel, but it has become our everyday reality.

One thing we have learned about COVID-19 is that it will change our lives for a long time to come."

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Photo: Zoltan Balogh – rescuers of the Hableany tourist boat collision.

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