WhiskyNet Hungary: Quest Of Canaïma Gin

  • 13 Nov 2020 9:44 AM
WhiskyNet Hungary: Quest Of Canaïma Gin
Canaïma Gin, the gin inspired by the beauty, naturalness and mystery of the Amazon, turns 6 months since its international launch.

After a successful introduction in the European market in countries like UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Denmark and Germany, the brand continues with its purpose of honoring and improving the quality of life of indigenous tribes in order to preserve their legacy. 

For this reason, the brand's team has recently returned from one of its trips to the Amazon, in which for 10 days it went deep into the jungle to support the work that local communities do with Canaïma Gin.

In this trip, the team visited the communities of Sagaray and Wakajarita, in the Orinoco Delta, on the banks of Caño Manamo. For the Canaïma Gin project, the team has worked with these communities, mainly artisans, through the Tierra Viva Foundation as part of its CSR program. 10% of Canaima Gin's sales are reinvested to contribute to the preservation of the legacy and tradition of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon.

More than 100 of artisans are developing big part of the POP material like glorifiers, small and large baskets, canisters, coasters and bracelets made of moriche palm fiber and bora fiber, typical plants from the Amazon, colored with natural dyes.

From each bud they can extract fiber for 10 bracelets and a woman can weave up to 6 bracelets a day. In this community, men also have an interest in learning to weave, thus turning the project into a family dynamic.

Thanks to the project, the community has been able to build a Janoko, a typical Warao house, a tangible example of the importance of the work they have done and how women can be empowered through decent work and contribute to improving the quality of life of their families.

“This project fills us with enthusiasm in knowing that we are contributing our grain of sand to socially and economically support these valuable and often forgotten communities”, comments José Ballesteros, CEO of Diplomatic Rum and Canaïma Gin.

Finally, the team went to the Canaïma National Park. A boat trip of almost 9 hours through the Carrao River until reaching the confluence of the Churún River. “We sailed between waterfalls and ‘tepuys’, until we reached the Kerepakupai Vená which means ‘diving from the deepest place’, better known as Angel Falls.

Undoubtedly, one of the most impressive experiences for all of us who took part of this trip”, commented Simone Caporale, the renowned international mixologist.  This trip has been a great learning experience to check on the evolution of this project that combines a deep respect for nature, a strong commitment to support the local population and the production of a very high-quality distillate using local and unique products.

About Canaïma Gin

Canaïma is a premium Gin produced in DUSA’s distillery, at the foot of the Andes Mountains at La Miel, an area in the state of Lara, Venezuela and is a family-owned brand. A total of 19 botanicals are used to produce Canaïma Gin: 10 from the Amazon, 1 from the Lara region of Venezuela (where our distillery is located) and 8 traditional gin botanicals.

Canaïma Gin contributes 10% of its sales to Fundación Tierra Viva and Saving the Amazon both dedicated to protecting the Amazon and its people.

Canaïma Gin is available in Hungary via WhiskyNet

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