Discover Best Places to Eat Near Lake Balaton With New Gastro Map

  • 2 Jul 2021 9:36 AM
  • Hungary Today
Discover Best Places to Eat Near Lake Balaton With New Gastro Map
The newly-updated Lake Balaton Gastro Map guides its users through some amazing gastronomic experiences near the ‘Hungarian sea.’ The website, which also has a mobile application, provides information on a variety of restaurants, bistros, and coffee shops, along with farmer’s markets and wineries in the region.

The unique gastronomy of the region around Lake Balaton requires little introduction. The renewed Lake Balaton Gastro Map comes to the rescue of those in need of some guidance to choose from the multitude of culinary destinations near the Hungarian sea.

The map, which can be accessed online, indicates a total of 78 places near the Balaton. It has an English version, and can be downloaded from the website. Thanks to the mobile application, users can also carry the map around in their pockets.

The comprehensive guide provides short descriptions of the restaurants, along with links to their websites and social media channels. Moreover, users can filter the results according to their preferences and needs, searching for dog friendly places, restaurants offering lactose, gluten free, or vegetarian dishes, and even places equipped with an electric car charger.

While it would be impossible to list all the places indicated on the map, we have chosen to introduce a few of them.

Vitorlás Bisztró, Keszthely (Sailors’ Bistro)

This bistro on the city beach of Keszthely is a family business, and awaits not only sailors but all guests from spring to fall. In their ‘Mattress Buffet’ they offer street food dishes made from quality and local ingredients. In the environmentally friendly restaurant, they only use biodegradable tools, and it is also possible to charge electric cars on site. With their kid’s menu, it is also ideal for families.

Apátsági Rege Cukrászda, Tihany (Rege Patisserie of the Abbey)

Located at the foot of the Abbey of Tihany, this sixty-year-old patisserie offers locally-made cake, breakfast, and daytime meals. Their guests can enjoy the sunshine and the spectacular panorama from the terrace. It is possible to bring dogs along, and order lactose gluten free, and vegetarian options.

Borbély Családi Pincészet, Badacsony (Borbély Family Winery)

The Borbély Family Winery awaits guests with cellar visits, wine tastings of their unique, mineral-flavored wines, along with homemade snacks, or dinners. It is an ideal place for family and corporate events too, as the family offers accommodation in their guest house. It is also possible to purchase wine in their winery, including specialties that cannot be found on the wine market. Cyclists are also welcome to stop by at their shop.

KisKert Vendéglő, Siófok

KisKert Vendéglő is the ideal place for lovers of small Hungarian restaurant-style dishes with a little twist. The restaurant is dog friendly, and offers a kid’s menu, in addition to lactose, gluten free, and vegetarian dishes.

Spájz, Balatonboglár

Those who walk into this small shop in Balatonboglár will find some tasty homemade products with no preservatives and additives from Hungarian farmers and producers. They sell a variety of products including smoked goods, dairy products, syrups, jams, sourdough bread, coffee, and breakfast.

This is just a snippet from the rich gastronomy of Lake Balaton, but the map provides a range of gastronomic adventures from which everyone will surely find something that suits their taste.

Featured photo illustration via Apátsági Rege Cukrászda’s Facebook page

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