'Zemplén Festival' in Tokaj, 13 - 22 August

  • 5 Aug 2021 9:59 AM
'Zemplén Festival' in Tokaj, 13 - 22 August
This is the most beautiful area of Hungary and the wines of Tokaj are the best in the world, claim the festival organisers - how might well be right!

More from the organisers:

"Our series of events associate high quality and diverse programs to all these so where else should you spend your days in August than with us at the Zemplén Festival?

Our audience can enjoy the hospitality of the small villages this year again,furthermore one can taste wines of Mád, Tarcal, Tolcsva during daylong programs, and can be part of performances with unique atmosphere in the Rákóczi Castle of Sárospatak, the courtyard of the city hall in Sátoraljaújhely or in the Tokaj Festival Valley.

Besides our resident artists, the Budafok Dohnányi Symphony Orchestra and the Budapest Academia Choir you can applaud such performers like the “Virtuosos” winners Soma Balázs-Piri and Tamás Kökény, the Liszt Prize awarded József Balog, Eszter Karasszon or the Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra.

And not only that, you have the opportunity to enjoy grand productions like Tamás Szarka&Ghymes, film music concert or the opening and the final concerts of the Festival.

At the Wine Terrace in Sárospatak you can listen to jazz and folk music every night but the lovers of these genres can meet with their favourite ones in other towns of Hegyalja.

The wine is provided by our partner, Grand Tokaj this year again, so you can enjoy their great “furmint” during some of the concerts.

Our ten days of selected programs are full of interesting, unique concerts and they give you a real relaxation in the gorgeous environment of Tokaj-hegyalja.

Cheerful, well-known tunes are going to fill the Tokaj Festival „Hollows” (open air theatre) this summer – as BDZ is about to bring you a sense of liberation on 21 August in Tokaj.

In putting together the programme, we tried to make the audience – and ourselves – forget the difficult months behind us, and so we chose two well-known pieces to help us do just that."

Detailed festival program available here

Zemplén Festival

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