5 Special Places For Expats in Budapest To Go Shopping At Xmas

  • 10 Dec 2021 12:50 PM
5 Special Places For Expats in Budapest To Go Shopping At Xmas
According to well respected Time Out magazine, which it must be noted is aimed at tourists rather than expats, the places covered in summary format with pics here are among the top options for seasonal shopping in the Hungarian capital.

In her full article local expat Jennifer Walker takes us on a tour of 12 venues she considers to be the best spots for shopping in the city, and while these are suggestions for visitors a few are top tips for expats in Hungary.

To set the scene she writes, “Budapest has long been famous for its stylishness, and several design collectives now showcase their wares in huge, gallery-like spaces dotted around the centre. 

On the other end of the economic scale is the flea markets, remarkable celebrations of second (occasionally third) hand goods covering plenty of ground. Budapest might be famous for its ruin bars, nightlife and thermal spas, but don’t forget a little bit of shopping while you’re in town.”

1. Top of her list for tourists is a place many expats might not know, Paloma. 

She describes it as, “a design emporium that brings together around 50 local makers and shakers. The line of boutiques above the winged staircase on the first floor features a curious selection of clothes, jewellery, bags, shoes and more. 

The best thing about this place? You get the chance to meet the designers in person and find out the stories behind their creations.”

As shopping venues go, Paloma is quite a hidden venue in an arcaded courtyard in the 5th District, for the address and more background details see: palomabudapest.hu/en

2. Next she suggests Budapest’s largest vintage shop, Retrock. 

Jennifer explain’s, “Selling not only second-hand garb but also upmarket designer pieces…this is no charity shop: everything sold is top quality, and that’s reflected in the prices. 

If you can’t decide whether you want a vintage dress or a designer shirt, it’s still worth browsing this two-storey shop. You never know what eccentric gear you might find.” 

For more on this premium second-hand shopping experience that’s overflowing with fashion curiosities, see here: facebook.com/retrockbudapest/

3. Third on her shopping list is Nanushka, Hungary’s most famous fashion label, and this might well be interesting for expat ladies – and fashion conscious men too.

“The brand was founded by Sandra Sandor (whose childhood nickname was Nanushka). The brand is now renowned across the globe, but the headquarters of her fashion empire can still be found in downtown Budapest. 

Her designs blend femininity and function with modern worldliness. Prices can reach a few hundred but are still lower than other international brands,” is the short description given in Time Out.

For more info about the brand’s ‘Bohemian Modernist outlook informed by travel, innovation and heritage’, just see:  nanushka.com

4. Bomo Art is also highlighted on her top tips list, and is a unique one to consider when Xmas shopping for creative expats.

“This stationery boutique is filled with charming notebooks adorned with retro drawings of hot air balloons, Budapest cityscapes, vintage aviaries, botanical illustrations and more. 

You can get them in all sizes, designs and colours, and also take home diaries, phonebooks, recipe template books and sketchbooks,” is how this place is described in two lines.  

For more info in English about this arty shopping option see: bomoart.com

5. Last but not least in this shopping round-up for expats is Omorovicza.

Ok so all expats know that Hungary has a great supply of thermal water, and that it is said to have beautifying properties, well that’s the basis for this luxury skincare brand. 

“Their boutique on Andrássy Avenue sells all kinds of creams and lotions that harness the cosmetic benefits of the local H2O (and blend it with other ludicrously high-end ingredients). 

If you’d prefer not to fork out hundreds for a cream, take home a small bottle of their staple ‘Queen of Hungary’ spray. It’s a delightful pick-me-up with a hypnotising scent you and your skin will love,” suggests Jennifer.

For more on this beautifying shopping idea check out: omorovicza.co.uk

Click here to read Jennifer’s full article: 
The 12 best places to go shopping in Budapest

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