Introducing Nudli In Budapest: "The Hungarian Artisan Pasta Canteen"

  • 8 Feb 2021 10:47 AM
Introducing Nudli In Budapest: "The Hungarian Artisan Pasta Canteen"
Their passion cannot be broken by the pandemic, which is proven by the fact that Nudli, the latest project of the Costes Group, opened its doors on Október 6. street on 19 December 2020 – in cooperation with gastro blogger-owner András Jókuti.

The mission of this 'pasta canteen' is no less than to present the favorite pasta dishes of Hungarian cuisine in a fresh, uncompromising version, first to the Hungarian audience, and later, with the retreat of the virus, to tourists, just the way Hungarians last had them in grandmothers' kitchen.

Their secret goal is to get the real hand kneaded dough - prepared exclusively from fresh, high-quality ingredients - back to its right position.

“I saw a lot of fantasy in Nudli, as after the fine-dining sector - affordable only to a very small portion of people –, we finally have the opportunity to open a restaurant where we can reach crowds. It is especially kind to my heart because I see the big favorites of my childhood on the menu again.

We see nurturing traditions as a kind of mission: these are unique domestic dishes, combining Costes' professional knowledge and the best ingredients yet at affordable prices for everyone. ”
– says Károly Gerendai, co-owner.

“We have fantastic pasta dishes that most of the world knows nothing about, even though pasta is a universal language of love, understood and spoken everywhere from Asia to America.

It’s time to show what these Hungarian specialities are like from excellent ingredients, carefully prepared. Naturally, everyone has strict ideas about the perfect „túrós csusza”, and after a lot of experimentation and tasting, we proudly present it in the form we think is best. ”
– as András Jókuti, co-owner says.

In addition to sweet specialties such as mákos nudli (poppy seed noodles) or vargabéles, the menu includes, of course, one of the most popular salty pasta of Hungarian cuisine, the túrós csusza (cottage cheese pasta), but it is expected that - the otherwise best-priced - potatoes or cabbage pasta will also be a great success.

Forgotten specialties such as the layered lamb published by Pál Kövi in the book „The Transylvanian Feast” or one of the classics of Gypsy cuisine, „lecsó dumplings”, is also on the menu. A variety of side dishes can also be chosen to the pasta dishes that are excellent in themselves as well, such as grilled sausage or confit duck leg.

The selection is completed by appetizers, soups and desserts, which during the pandemic, just as the pasta dishes, are delivered to the homes in cooperation of the strategic partner of Costes Group: Wolt - or can be picked up in person at our restaurant on Október 6. utca.

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