Atlas Award 2022: Nominate Your Business Hero in Hungary

  • 12 Sep 2022 4:02 PM
Atlas Award 2022: Nominate Your Business Hero in Hungary
Atlas Award is looking for the new winner for the 2022 edition. The award ( was created to provide public recognition for Hungary-based entrepreneurs that have distinguished themselves by embodying the values of Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity, our E.S.C philosophy. 

Read more about E.S.C. philosophy here

Till September 18th you can nominate one leader, or more than one, that you believe deserved to be rewarded for their Ethical approach to business, the Sustainable impact they have on the society we live in and for their high Creativity.

Nominate here your business hero(es) by clicking here.

After this nomination process, the jury will collect the names and meet to evaluate the candidates that received the most votes and best comments: this is why you should provide as valuable information as possible on the nominee(s).

On October 6th, the jury will reward the winner.  

The winner will set an example and will be rewarded with a unique masterpiece. The 2019 Award was a statue created by the international artist Marco Veronese. Starting from the concepts of Ethics, Sustainability, and Creativity, this Italian sculptor, painter, and visionary gave life to a work of art that mixes classical aesthetics and modernity. To complete the sculpture, a ruby and an emerald; one shines in the heart of the Vitruvian man, and the other in the heart of Hungary.

Using the words of ITL Group's Managing Director Alessandro Farina, "We believe that leaders with Ethical, Sustainable, and Creative behaviours will shape a better world. This is why we want to reward them…" 

Since our goal is to create a community to shape a better world together, we have also created Atlas World, a space where brave entrepreneurs can join forces, in order to provide a bigger impact in society.

The Atlas World ( is the place to set up initiatives, the place where to sit down in front of a drink and discuss ethics, creativity, and sustainability. 

All together, we can leave a positive footprint on the world! 

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