Rotary Club Budapest-City Supports Invisible School Summer Camp

  • 18 Aug 2022 3:51 PM
Rotary Club Budapest-City Supports Invisible School Summer Camp
Rotary Club Budapest-City has supported the Invisible School mentor program's summer camp. More than 50 children participated in a cheerful 5 day camp in Debrecen in July.

The Invisible School (Láthatatlan Iskola) is a local foundation helping children living in temporary family homes in their studies, they provide free personal tutoring for more than 80 children in Hungary.

The international Rotary club has been working together with the foundation in the past years and now they have helped them to create the best summer camp.

For 5 days the children were having fun, studying and learning about professions together. The camp was based on career guidance and many great companies have represented themselves and guided the students among their professions!

A huge part of the program was done by BASF and the companies in BSC Roundtable Debrecen who have helped the camp with their employees to hold interesting presentations and interactive ways to show the kids what a scientist, an accountant, software engineer do in their everyday life.

The camp is a huge milestone for all the students in the program, it is an opportunity for the new students to find their mentors for the semester, learn about new professions, prepare for the school year and it is the only camp where children from 8 different homes meet during the summer.

Throughout the week most of the students already took steps towards their future studies, hopefully we will have chemists, engineers, firefighters and many other professionals from the program in the future!

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