DP Drinks Appointed new Exclusive Distributor of the Campari Group Portfolio in Hungary

  • 12 Sep 2022 5:01 PM
DP Drinks Appointed new Exclusive Distributor of the Campari Group Portfolio in Hungary
DP Drinks Hungary, a fully owned subsidiary of the DunaPro Group, has become the exclusive distributor of the premium alcohol brands of the Campari Group, with Aperol, the largest growing brand in the world and soon to be the second-best selling alcohol product in the World.

As part of the agreement, the portfolio of the country’s largest independent distributor will add to its brands, Aperol, Campari, Cinzano, Bull Dog Gin, SKYY Vodka, Wild Turkey and many others.  These products will be available from September 1st, 2022.

Under the exclusive distributor agreement with Campari, the company will carry out the sales, marketing and logistics activities of the brand owner’s products.  These brands have been distributed for many years on the Hungarian market and Campari has determined that a new, more focused strategy is needed to realize the full potential of these Brands.  

The goal is for high growth over the next 3 years to bring Hungary to the position is should achieve based upon its population and worldwide trends.   DP Drinks fully agrees with these targets and is excited to bring them to fruition.

DP Drinks has proven its ability by dominating in the Rum, Vermouth, Gin and RTD (Ready to Drink), Super Premium Vodka and Sparkling categories over the last decade in Hungary.  

“Hungary has a very large growth opportunity that now we are fully confident and excited to implement our strategy with the correct partner in Hungary. Together we will achieve great things.”  Thomas Hergge, Export Director CE.

“Focus, combined with local knowledge and expertise is the key to success with such high-quality popular brands.   Understanding the needs of a market and having the ability to professionally execute the strategy have always been the strength of DP Drinks. We have always competed against the larger Multinational companies and we have always won.   

Our professional strategy along with our flexible fast-moving team has made us unbeatable and the best partner for market leading brands who outsource their distribution.” says Daniel J Poisson, the CEO of the DunaPro Group

Arpad Balassy, Sales & Marketing director of DunaPro, notes, "DP Drinks has been one of the most successful spirit distributors in Hungary for more than 12 years.  Our goal is to be the highest quality Alcohol distributor in Hungary, and possibly the largest.  We have found that we usually achieve our goals when we believe in them and we Believe!”

"We are excited and proud to be the Exclusive Hungarian distribution partner of Campari Group that owns the fastest growing brands. Dp Drinks and Campari will achieve great results together.” he explains.

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