Fine Asian Fusion "Without Confusion" at New Costes Izakaya Bistro & Bar in Budapest

  • 19 Oct 2022 12:11 PM
Fine Asian Fusion "Without Confusion" at New Costes Izakaya Bistro & Bar in Budapest
Costes has become a synonym for quality in gastronomy over the last decade in Hungary, thanks to the two Michelin-starred Costes restaurants in the capital. Now a third venue has been launched by the group, with a meeting of cultures inspiring Costes Izakaya.

The Costes team told that it became obvious to present Far Eastern flavors more clearly in their restaurant portfolio, given the company's Corporate Executive Chef, Márk Molnár, had returned to Hungary with decades of experience in Asian cuisine and fine dining.

So this is how the Izakaya came about, the name is derived from the character of a restaurant and was inspired by the hospitality industry concept prevalent in Asian, particularly Japanese culture. Izakayas were originally Japanese sake shops where customers came not only to buy food but also to sit down and enjoy a few drinks after work.

Nowadays, the meaning of izakaya has become broader to characterize a bistro style of venue serving Asian cuisine. The dishes in an izakaya are a little more filling than in a tapas or mezze bar, but the dishes are still considered "small plate". Most dishes are to be shared, allowing everyone around the table to sample a variety of dishes.

Incorporating these features as a tradition, Costes created a concept where the increasingly popular "sharing" concept and a relaxed, informal atmosphere resonate - while also using the best quality ingredients to prepare dishes with distinct flavors.

Costes use the term "fine bistro" to emphasize this special quality concept, they say, "Combining traditional and modern kitchen technologies in the same way that contemporary fine artworks are combined with antique ornaments".

This relaxed but high-quality atmosphere also fits in with the occasional live DJ providing a musical backdrop to the dining experience, just as it is not distracting if someone goes just to enjoy the special drink selection and wants to book a seat at the bar.

"Of course we hope that our dishes will be the most appealing, which is why you will find great classics - slightly improved by us - as well as many unique, original creations," they emphasise.

"We interpret Far Eastern flavors freely, we don't refrain from using traditional Hungarian ingredients like the Mangalica or "csusza pasta" and have selected ingredients and flavors from the best of Latin American and Mediterranean cuisine as well," they explain.

"The only thing we insist on is that the food be delicious and exciting. Try the homemade kimchi and cucumber sides, or order a special 'Robata' steak and watch it get grilled on charcoal in the show kitchen", they add.

The relaxed atmosphere allows you to taste your partner's food, and Costes encourage you to do so, so that you can explore a larger area on of the gastronomic map here.

"There are no restrictions. Feel at ease, be open, and ask questions," they conclude. If you're experienced with Asian cuisine then of course you can eat with chopsticks here, "If you're daring enough you can eat with your bare hands," encourage the friendly staff, who all speak English of course.

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Address: 1051 Budapest, Október 6. utca 8.

Photo credit: Márk Viszlay,

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