Healthy Winter Holiday At Pelion In Tapolca

  • 19 Jan 2022 5:47 PM
Healthy Winter Holiday At Pelion In Tapolca
This picturesque town situated in the Western part of the Balaton highlands is famous for it's lake, caves and streams, and it is ideal for fun and relaxation at any time of the year, including winter.

This special spa hotel, located within a large park and built directly above a ‘karst cave’ with a special microclimate, is not far from the city centre in this charming town.

The hotel's spa facilities include a 'fun bath', thermal bath, sauna, steam-bath, fitness room, and much more, including the use of fluffy bathrobes just as you’d expect.

Located in the west part of the Balaton highlands, not far from Kapolcs with its famous arts festival, the hotel enjoys one of the best reputations of all the properties in the Hunguest network.

There are several reasons for this, as explained below, including it's family friendly nature, range of entertainment and wellness facilities for both adults and children, plus truly outstanding food and service.

There are lots of places of interest in and around Tapolca - including castles, boating opportunities, not to mention Balaton itself - for more on that see below and the related links.

Convenient Therapeutic Cave

Beneath the hotel there is a ‘karst cave’ (see video above), it’s not only a beautiful sight, it offers a special microclimate ideal for curing respiratory diseases.

The hotel's direct connection to this underground grotto makes it unique in Europe.

It's also very peaceful place, safely enclosed by a large park. It’s still very close to the city centre of Tapolca and so within walking distance of many local attractions.

Enjoy Healthy Recreation & Wellness To Love Yourself

On site there is plenty to keep guests entertained and in good health: bike rental to easily see the area at your leisure, tennis courts, fitness room, outdoor swimming-pool, mini golf and more, plus massage treatments which are highly recommended.

Superb Service & Food

Well worthy of note is the cosy lobby bar, where guest can enjoy proper bar meals along with a wide range of coffees and drinks, along with live music in the evenings.

The hotel restaurant offers Hungarian, international and "bio" dishes of the highest standards. The evening buffet offers amazing choice, quality and value for money - as does the breakfast buffet too.

The wine list is balanced and caters for all budgets; the house wine is very drinkable and is affordably priced at around HUF 500 a glass.

Family Friendly Fun

For families with children the special kids buffet is a winner. For youngsters to work up an appetite the hotel's kids club offers qualified supervision while Children play with a multitude of games and toys.

This allows parents to take time for themselves, perhaps for a quality on-site massage, or beauty treatment in the ‘health farm’.

Sports for children and other activities are organized by the friendly staff on a daily basis, also worth mentioning is there are separate children's pools.

The hotel is a great place to use as a base for family days out. A trip to the city mill lake is an easy and pleasing option. A car trip to the Herend Porcelanium (Herendi Porcelángyár) is worth the approx. 30km drive.

Of course as Lake Balaton is so close its easy to enjoy a great holiday here at any time of the year - look out for special winter promo deals for even more value and fun.

Tapolca - Cultural Centre of Balaton Northern Area

Among its particularly interesting sites are a cave-lake system that may be navigated by small boats, plus the basalt columns of St George Hill (Szent György-hegy). Also it is well known for its wine trade, and the town has become the cultural centre of the region.

The name of the settlement is of Slavic origin; the word means warm water (toplica). There was a military road passing through the area during Roman times, and sections of its remains may still be found throughout the settlement.

Between the 14th and the 16th centuries Tapolca was the centre of the region. In addition to being the place of the noble county assembly, in ecclesiastic terms it was also the seat of the decanates.

In the 18th and 19th centuries the town was one of the largest centres of the Balaton region wine commerce.

In 1966 it officially regained city status as the cultural and economic centre of the region. Masters of virtually all arts and crafts may be found in or around Tapolca.

How to get there:

By rail, Tapolca is served from Budapest, from Székesfehérvár, and from Keszthely.

By bus, Tapolca is served from Keszthely or Veszprém bus terminal.

By car, take Route 71 along the shore of the Balaton, then turn off toward Tapolca after Révfülöp or Badacsonytomaj. Going via Veszprém you can take the road through Nagyvázsony to get here.

Visit Hunguest Hotel Pelion online here
H-8300 Tapolca, Köztársaság tér 10.
GPS: 46.88533 17.44320
Phone:  +87-513-100

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