E-Scooters More Popular Than Bikes at eMag in Hungary

  • 22 Mar 2023 7:16 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
E-Scooters More Popular Than Bikes at eMag in Hungary
With spring approaching, demand for outdoor products at eMag is on the rise: the electric scooter is the most popular mobile vehicle, but many people are also ordering its conventional version and bicycles online.

Based on this year's sales figures, electric scooters/hoverboards are the most popular outdoor mobile vehicle among Hungarian customers, with eMAG customers buying nearly 40% more of these than traditional bicycles in 2023.

This year, Hungarian customers ordered e-scooters at an average gross price of HUF 212,000, which shows that the market has shifted towards more advanced models with more powerful motors (350-500 watt) and higher capacity batteries (up to 35-45 km range).

Traditional Bicycles Still Selling Well

Pedal scooters and pedal bikes sold almost the same number of units in the first two and a half months of the year. Traditional scooters are the cheapest, with an average gross price of around HUF 28,000, while the most popular models in this category include both scooters for children and scooters designed specifically for adults.

Traditional bicycles are available in a more expensive price range: these were ordered from eMag this year at an average price of around HUF 119,000, and urban, touring, and mountain bikes are all popular.

Is the electric bike a luxury product?

Electric bicycles were the most popular product at eMAG at the beginning of the year, with an average gross price of 430,000 HUF, which is the main reason why electric bicycles sell a third more than conventional bicycles.

The most popular e-bikes include both off-road models with 1,000-2,000 watt electric motors and less powerful folding models for urban use.

Nordic Walking Sticks Selling Better This Year

An interesting development in the sale of hiking equipment is that this year, almost three times as many Nordic walking poles were bought at eMag in Hungary than at the beginning of last year - a typical customer spent a gross HUF 6,000 on equipment that expands the range of muscles exercised during walking.

The most popular tents are the 1-3 person models, priced at around HUF 29,000, while sleeping bags have been ordered by customers this year at an average price of around HUF 23,000, mostly in single-person versions.

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