Hungarian Pigeon Meat to Be Exported to the Far East

  • 8 Aug 2023 1:53 PM
  • Diplomacy & Trade Hungary
Hungarian Pigeon Meat to Be Exported to the Far East
A high-tech slaughterhouse and processing plant is being built in Görbeháza, NE Hungary. It is crucial for the fulfilment of the agreement signed with Singapore in April and Japan in May this year for the export of large quantities of Hungarian pigeon meat.

According to a statement from the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, this will help to produce, sell and promote these luxury Hungarian products with high added value worldwide.

The initiative to reorganize and boost the Hungarian meat pigeon sector was launched in December 2018, as pre-refrigerated pigeons of uniform body size and high useful meat content can be a profitable export product, while ensuring a sufficient marketable commodity base, the statement said.

The aim of the state support in this area is to contribute to the livelihood of Hungarian families involved in the pigeon sector and to the population retention of the countryside, while developing the meat pigeon sector and strengthening the uniform commodity base.

Pigeon and pet pigeon breeding is a community-building activity, and the shared passion, successes and memories create a strong bond in which traditions and cultural values are passed down from generation to generation, according to the Ministry.

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