Innovations for Improved Passenger Experience Introduced At Budapest Airport

  • 22 Aug 2023 2:55 PM
Innovations for Improved Passenger Experience Introduced At Budapest Airport
The management of Budapest Airport, together with the entire airport ecosystem, has ensured the seamless handling of the summer peak with an optimal headcount and a wide range of quality-enhancing developments, and has continued to please passengers with innovative projects in recent months.

These include four soundproof cabins, each seating two people, which provide a quiet environment for passengers who would prefer to spend their waiting time concentrating on reading, holding meetings or just taking some private time.

Avid readers also have dedicated reading corners in the departure gate areas known as Pier 1 and Pier B, with comfortable armchairs and books available to borrow for free whilst at the airport.

Musically inclined travelers can show off their talents on the piano at the entrance to Pier B, or can enjoy the playing of their fellow passengers.

The observation and smoking terrace in Terminal 2B, which opened in October, has been equipped with benches featuring induction chargers and USB ports, while vegetation makes the environment even more pleasant.

In addition to terminal information staff, information totems now help passengers find their way around the airport, and tactile paving has been available on the landside as well since the summer for visually impaired passengers, in addition to a dedicated app.

The number of baggage trolleys has also been increased, with 300 additional trolleys available for passengers to use, including in the car parks.

To further improve airport services, Budapest Airport has installed an on-site satisfaction measurement system, which allows passengers to evaluate specific processes and developments.


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