Vodafone Hungary Fees Soon to Rise by Over 15%

  • 25 Oct 2023 11:54 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
Vodafone Hungary Fees Soon to Rise by Over 15%
Vodafone Hungary will increase its retail and small business fees by 15.4% from March next year, the subsidiary of the 4iG group said.

Vodafone Hungary announces its new fees before its competitors, because it calculates its annual inflation adjustment on a September 1 - August 31 basis, while Magyar Telekom, Yettel Hungary and Digi use the average price index change of the previous calendar year as a basis.

“The size of automatic inflation adjustment, without doubt, would be 22.01%, but the macroeconomic and sectoral environment have also changed, so we have decided to postpone the fee correction until March 1, 2024, and only apply a significantly smaller correction of 15.4%”, CEO Tamás Bányai, who was appointed in September, said in remarks to website HWSW.

Vodafone is indeed raising its fees to a lesser extent than it could, but, given the 6-7% inflation forecasts for 2024, the planned increase is significant, Portfolio adds.

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