Robotic-Assisted Surgery at Wáberer Medical Center a First in Hungary

  • 16 Oct 2023 7:35 AM
Robotic-Assisted Surgery at Wáberer Medical Center a First in Hungary
In Hungary, the Wáberer Medical Center (WMC) is the first private clinic to offer robotic-assisted surgery in the private health sector. Surgical interventions of perfect precision performed with the da Vinci surgical system ensures significantly greater patient safety and faster recovery.

‘We will first use the system for urological, then for gynaecological and general surgeries,’ said urologist Prof Dr Péter Tenke, who, having broad national and international experience, was the first to operate with the da Vinci robotic system at the Wáberer Medical Center.

‘Robotic-assisted surgery has many advantages, both for the patient and the doctor,’ the urologist continued. ‘During robotic-assisted surgery, the surgeon operates with four robotic arms that move devices with wrist-like endings exceeding the human wrist’s range of motion considerably.

As a result, the operation can be performed much more precisely, with an accuracy of a fraction of a millimetre. And by analysing the movements of the surgeon's hand, the software can detect unsteady movements, hand tremors, making the procedure more precise and safer.

With robotic-assisted surgery, the possibility of infection can be minimised, potential complications can be eliminated, blood loss can be reduced dramatically and the range of motion of the surgeon’s hand is far extended compared to laparoscopic surgery.

These can result in faster recovery and, consequently, shorter post-operative hospital stays after surgery,’ Professor Tenke added.

Surgical robotic systems have already been used for around 30 years in 70 countries.

Their popularity is demonstrated by the fact that approximately 7,500 robotic systems support 60,000 trained surgeons worldwide, who have performed over 12 million successful procedures with the guide of the da Vinci surgical system.

During robotic-assisted surgery, the surgeon no longer maintains direct contact with the patient, but guides the instruments on robotic arms introduced into the patient's body through a so-called surgical console. The da Vinci system’s camera delivers a 3D view of the surgical site that is magnified ten times to what the human eye sees.

‘Since the foundation of WMC, equipped with modern, 21st-century diagnostic tools, our main priority has been to provide our patients with comprehensive medical care and a wide range of services of the highest quality available,’ said founder-owner György Wáberer. ‘The shareholders are all committed to prevention.’

‘We believe in the importance of regular screening; however, the experience of recent years has shown that this prevention-focused attitude is not yet widespread enough among the population and in many cases, recovery is possible only through surgical intervention.

The effectiveness of these interventions and the reduction of recovery times can only be enhanced by the best specialists and with state-of-the-art technology. In the field of surgery, this goal, among other things, was achieved through the installation of the da Vinci system. Moreover, such a cutting-edge device can attract further excellent specialists to join our team,’ added György Wáberer.

"We predict that artificial intelligence will revolutionise healthcare over the next ten years. We are constantly keeping track of these trends and strive to respond to them as soon as possible by developing our own services and diagnostic tools. Our innovative approach gives us the opportunity to work with the very best professionals and also to provide the highest possible level of care to our patients,’ said Dr Róbert Mári, Managing Director of WMC.

About Wáberer Medical Center

At the Wáberer Medical Center, we believe that we need to focus not only on recovery, but also on prevention. Therefore, we provide our patients with a unique level of comprehensive healthcare services, from prevention to investigation to outpatient and inpatient care to full recovery, through individualised programmes, transparent pricing and unrivalled quality.

With many years of experience at national and international level, our dedicated team of doctors, health professionals and all our colleagues, are working to make our clinic a leading player in the Hungarian private health sector.

WMC in figures:

  • 3,500 square metres

  • more than 40 specialties

  • 10 hospital rooms (20 hospital beds)

  • more than 5,000 patients per month

  • 150 highly qualified doctors

  • 120 health professionals

  • full imaging and laboratory diagnostics

“I believe that currently the biggest opportunity to create value lies in healthcare – that is what I am focusing on." / György Wáberer/

Wáberer Medical Center
Address: 1123 Budapest, Alkotás u. 55- 61
Phone: +36 1-323 7000

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