Xploring Budapest: Pesti Vigadó

  • 23 Jan 2024 12:10 PM
Xploring Budapest: Pesti Vigadó
Located on the Danube Embankment in the heart of the capital city of Hungary, the Pesti Vigadó functions as a centre of Gesamtkunstwerk, and is open seven days a week to welcome visitors and audiences of various events.

Pesti Vigadó, which opened its gates to the general public in 1865, has been functioning as a centre of social life in all ages.

It provided a venue not only to concerts by Strauss, Liszt, Erkel, Wagner, Bartók and Dohnányi, but also to the first Hungarian exhibition organised by the association Art Society of Pest, to the first representative parliamentary session, to the presentation of Louis Bleriot's aeroplane XI to the general public, and to the most popular balls in any age.

As of 2014, the maintenance and management of the building have been overseen by Pesti Vigadó Nonprofit Ltd., acting on behalf of the owner of the building the Hungarian Academy of Arts, which latter institution aims to continue sustaining and preserving the cultural diversity and the high quality of arts so far continually characterising Pesti Vigadó.

The quality of the events realised in the previous years and our visitor figures both prove that Pesti Vigadó succeeded in reclaiming the position it formerly well-deserved held not only in Hungary's cultural life but also as a tourist destination situated in the heart of Hungary's capital city.

Pesti Vigadó

Photo: Ceremonial Hall

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