Hungarians Lost 10 Billion Forints to Cybercriminals in 2023

  • 2 Feb 2024 7:57 AM
  • Hungary Around the Clock
Hungarians Lost 10 Billion Forints to Cybercriminals in 2023
Cybercriminals defrauded Hungarian victims of some Ft 10 billion last year, a figure that continues to rise annually, according to ESET, a Slovak software company specialising in cybersecurity.

As criminals constantly innovate to obtain personal and banking data, experts advise users to employ strong passwords, avoid saving sensitive information online, and be wary of scams.

Online criminals employed various tactics, in 2023, including text messages requesting bank details or police data, as well as scams on online marketplaces seeking bank card information.

The most sophisticated method was the so-called call-centre fraud, where criminals pretended to be bank tellers and promised to "safeguard" the money on the victim’s account.

Cybersecurity expert István Csizmazia-Darab recommends using unique passwords, securing Wi-Fi networks with non-default passwords, avoiding open networks during online shopping, and implementing multi-factor authentication.

He highlights the significance of not storing personal and financial data on online accounts and browsers, suggesting the use of a virtual card for online payments.

ESET underscores fundamental security measures, such as refraining from opening attachments from unknown senders – especially compressed or double extension files – and exercising caution with links in social media platforms and chat rooms.

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