Wizz Air Ticket Misery in Hungary: 'No Ticket + No Explanation' Issue Exposed

  • 23 Feb 2024 9:08 AM
Wizz Air Ticket Misery in Hungary: 'No Ticket + No Explanation' Issue Exposed
Due to an error, Wizz Air took passengers' money, and failed to inform them about it, reported Népszava.

According to our information, there are customers who had more than 400,000 forints stuck in the airline's system for over a month.

Wizz Air likely encountered problems with some of its passengers in the first days of January, as reported by a reader's tip-off to Népszava.

For several days, there was a fault in the reservation system of the low-cost airline, where the transfer of the ticket price was not recorded, even though the amount was deducted from the customer's bank account. As a result, while passengers paid the requested amount, they did not receive the requested plane tickets, meaning the airline simply appropriated the money.

Since Wizz Air has provided no information about what happened, how long and what type of error occurred, or whether the affected passengers would get their money back, our reader had to contact the airline's Customer Service desk after several days of waiting. This could only be achieved through a premium-rate phone number.

Only at that point were they informed about the error, stating that since they couldn't validate the reservation, they would refund the money. They requested the necessary bank details for this, meaning there was a chance that the origin of the money deducted was also lost in the system. They justified the lack of email notification regarding the error by stating that "most people had already reported it by phone."

After sorting out the details, our reader waited for days again, but not a single penny was transferred from Wizz Air to their bank account. By then, it was already the second half of January, and they had to call the premium-rate Customer Service number again.

The response was that they might have to wait up to 30 days for the refund. The reason was not clearly explained, but even after the 30th day since the failed reservation had passed, the amount was not transferred.

Our reader called the premium-rate number for the third time last Monday, and once again, they were not given a clear explanation of events. However, they were promised that they would refund the reservation money as soon as possible.

Due to these events, our newspaper reached out to Wizz Air via email. We wanted to find out exactly what had caused the problem, how many people's reservations were affected by the error, why passengers were not informed about the situation, and why it takes more than 30 days to refund the ticket price - and whether they will also refund the cost of the premium-rate phone calls made due to the lack of information.

The airline initially gave evasive answers to our questions and later promised information regarding the incident at a later date. This happened 11 days ago, and we are still waiting for their response. If we do indeed receive it, we will write a new article.

Original source: Népszava

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